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I develop the online side of your business. The love of webdesign and fascination of web development have made me who I am today.

With 10 years of work experience, 50 satisfied clients spanned over 3 continents, I am experienced enough to develop your business to the best possible end result.

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Work philosophy

There is no 9:00 - 17:00 work days in my routine. I am constantly on the move. Either doing client work, working on personal projects or educating myself online.

I try to always be available for my clients, even if it's a weekend, holiday or heck even my birthday.

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Design is a delicate combination of art and functionality.
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Think bigger than website, think online presence


I create brands people remember. I take your business to the next level with designing everything from logotypes to t-shirts and even to car decals. Getting the world to know and remember your brand is a task, that is easily forgotten, but still very important.

Inovative branding is important for every company. Getting people to know about your business with good branding is the best kind of advertising you can have.

  • Logo Design
  • Document graphics
  • Business Cards, T-Shirts, car decals...
  • Any kind of graphic design

I design modern and inovative websites. I do my research, I follow the latest trends to bring your website to life. My main focus is pleasant and easy website browsing, while still being visually impressive.

I treat each project diffirently and every thing is custom made from start to finish, to achieve a truly unique website experience.

  • Unique webdesign
  • User Experience
  • User Interface design
  • Video production
web development
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I design and implement content management systems, that make your website easy to manage, without being a big investment.

I can offer various content management systems like WordPress and Magento, but I am also willing to do custom development projects, if you find that premade content management systems do not suit your needs.

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Responsive design
  • jQuery plugin implementation
  • Content management systems

AppDream is a personal project of mine, for a company that develops and sells mobile apps.

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Daily quote
"“Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking.” "
- Ellen Lupton